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How to Order a Pool Cover


is your pool cover safe?

To order your new Loop-Loc pool cover from Discount Pool, follow the steps described below. The process is easy and straightforward.

Step 1 - Measure Your Pool
For safety and ease Discount Pool recommends that two people do the measuring. We recommend that you make a sketch of the pool and write the measurements on it to ensure accuracy. The measuring diagrams shown below are also on each pool cover size page. Reference your measurements to the dimensions shown in the diagram (e.g., A-16', B-32'). With a tape measure of appropriate length, take the basic length and width or diameter measurements first, then measure the extensions if you have them. Don't fret about taking scientific measurements; do be as accurate as you can, but if you're within an inch or so it will be fine.

Step 2 - Visit Discount Pool
Select the shape and then the size of cover to fit your pool. The shapes are shown on the left side of each page; just click on your pool shape and find your size in the table of pool sizes on that page.

Step 3 - Call and Order
Just call Discount Pool at 1-888-972-8396 and Michael Marlin will take your order. If you have questions about measuring your pool, Michael will be happy to provide guidance.

Order Cancellations
If something comes up and you find the need to cancel your order, contact Michael Marlin at Discount Pool by calling 1-888-972-8396. Orders may not be cancelled by email. If you cancel your order after the pool cover has been shipped, you will be liable for all shipping charges as a result of cancellation of order. A restocking fee of 20% of the original sales price will also apply.

Pool Measuring Diagrams

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